Best Money Tips: How to Treat Sunburned Eyes

By Amy Lu on 23 May 2018 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on how to treat sunburned eyes, mistakes to avoid before a long flight, and cheap but amazing organization ideas.

Top 5 Articles

Home treatment tips for sunburned eyes — Yes, eyes can get sunburned, too! Learn what you can do to treat (and prevent) sunburned eyes. [Frugal Nurse]

Boarding a Long-Haul Flight? Avoid These 8 Common Preflight Mistakes — Avoid eating fast food before your flight. Air travel already dehydrates your body and interferes with circulation — you don't need a double whammy from eating high-sodium foods. [PopSugar Smart Living]

7 Cheap Organization Ideas That Will Amaze You — Use Mason jars to organize your clutter in plain sight. You can get these little glass jars in a variety of sizes to hold all kinds of household items. [Life Storage Blog]

19 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Day — Do things at the right time to avoid wasting time. For example, avoid grocery shopping during peak hours. Lines will likely be shorter early in the morning or later in the evening. [Organise My House]

10 Ways Sustainable Living Can Reduce Stress — Sustainable living strategies can help you maintain a lifestyle that fits within your financial and emotional needs, reducing the stress and anxiety that can come with a wasteful lifestyle. [Tiny Ambitions]

Other Essential Reading

A Budget Template for New Grads: 10 Steps to Master Your Money — If you have never lived on your own, it can be difficult to anticipate what expenses you'll need to budget for. Follow this sample budget to get your finances on the right track. [Frugal Rules]

Lifestyle Creep Defined, its Calculated Impact, & How to Beat it — Take a look at the numbers for how lifestyle creep can affect your savings…then take steps to fight off the creep! [20 Something Finance]

Budget Entertainment: Cheap Fun Things to Do With Friends — Have crafting parties for the friends who like to make things by hand. Everyone can catch up while they work on their own projects or learn new crafts from each other. [Frugal and Thriving]

After the Accident: Steps to Take When You’ve Sustained Injuries — Being injured in a car accident can be really hard on your body and your wallet. Follow these steps to make sure you're properly compensated by your insurance provider. [Penniless Parenting]

Security advocates challenge facial recognition in policing — Privacy advocates are concerned about expanding the use of facial recognition will allow police to identify and track people in real time. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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