Best Money Tips: How to Know When You're Ready to Retire

By Amy Lu on 8 August 2017 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on how to know when you’re ready to retire, how to budget when you’re behind on your bills, and little things you should do every day before noon.

Top 5 Articles

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Retire? — Many people aim to retire when they can start collecting Social Security benefits without a penalty, but there really isn't a magic number for retirement. It depends on whether you're ready financially, physically, and mentally. [Kiplinger]

How to Budget When You Are Behind on Your Bills — Budgeting is one the best things you can do when you're behind on your bills.  [A Mess Free Life]

3 Little Things You Should Do Every Day Before Noon — Start your day on the right note by doing these three little rituals every morning. [Marc & Angel Hack Life]

35 Facts You Learned in School That Are Completely Wrong — The factoids we pick up at school or at home aren't always true — and you'll be glad a few of these aren't! [PopSugar Smart Living]

How To Start Balancing Life And Work Without Getting Fired — Overworking sets you up for failure. To make sure that your work time is productive, take breaks when you're supposed to, whether it's lunch or vacation time. [Dumb Little Man]

Other Essential Reading

How Parents Can Protect Their Children When They Are Online — Use a parental control app like Kidgy to monitor the applications and programs your child has downloaded on their smartphone. [Nature Moms Blog]

4 Serious Pains You Can Blame Your Smartphone For — Pay attention to your posture when you use your smartphone. Moving your shoulders and back downward clenches the muscles in your back and can lead to serious back pain. [Shopping Kim]

Back-to-School Traditions Your Whole Family Will Love — Brainstorm back-to-school resolutions together. Working toward a personal goal can help your kids learn how to take steps to achieve their dreams and how to persevere through setbacks. [Living Well Spending Less]

Financial Tips for College Students — Join Experian's #CreditChat tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET for a discussion on smart ways to save during college. [Experian]

Urban farming 2.0: From plow beams to Leafy Green Machines — Controlled-environment agriculture allows for longer growing seasons and more plentiful harvests. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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