3 Simple Tips for Saving the Most Money This Holiday

By Sarah Winfrey on 6 December 2006 3 comments

Amazin’ Amazon Hacks

Get ready to love Amazon even more with these little known Amazon hacks to save you big time. Don't buy another thing from Amazon until you've read through this. 

Cash Back Shopping

Did you know that you can get easy money just for doing what you already do online? There are companies that will actually pay you for shopping! Before you click "checkout" at your favorite online store, see if it's listed under one of these cash back shopping sites. All you'd need to do is click on their link to go to your favorite site, and then buy as usual! You'll get instant rewards for doing what you already do! Amazing!


Wise Bread has compiled a list of some amazing homemade gifts for anyone on your list:


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Guest's picture

seems to be broken. Is it an expired deal?

Greg Go's picture
Greg Go

The link works for me. Try this one (goes to the same page): http://personalshopper.com/jsp/SweetDeals/

Will Chen's picture

Check to see if your pop up blocker is blocking it. Cheers!